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X The Temple and Heavenly Ascents
IX The Presence of the LORD
in the Temple
VIII Temple Textiles:
Veils and Vestments
VII Mary and the Temple
VI The Temple in the
Johannine Writings
V The Temple Hidden
in the Bible
IV The Paradisiac Temple.
From First Adam to Last
III The Holy Anointing Oil
II Temple Music:
Meaning and Influence
I Melchizedek in Scripture,
Tradition and Liturgy
  Symposium II: Temple Music: Meaning and Influence.

This was held on 30 May 2009, 10am–5pm,  at the Temple Church, London.

Full details of the six speakers are on the Symposium information sheet (pdf 114KB)

Dr Margaret Barker   An overview of Temple Music. (pdf 31KB)
Dr Crispin Fletcher Louis   Temple Trumpets and the Angelic Shout.
Jill Purce   Harmonics, Vowels, God and the Angels. See also: www.healingvoice.com
The Rev. Canon Lucy Winkett   “The rest is silence”; the song of the angels in contemporary worship.
John H. Wheeler   How the Hebrew Masoretic Text preserves the vocal music of the Second Temple.
Frederick M. Huchel   The Cosmic Ring Dance of the Angels: An Early Christian Rite of the Temple. (pdf 33KB)
László Dobszay   The Origin of Christian Chant.


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(Click on image to enlarge: L-R Welcome from Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of the Temple Church, Margaret Barker, Jill Purce).












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