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 Temple Studies Group
X The Temple and Heavenly Ascents
IX The Presence of the LORD
in the Temple
VIII Temple Textiles:
Veils and Vestments
VII Mary and the Temple
VI The Temple in the
Johannine Writings
V The Temple Hidden
in the Bible
IV The Paradisiac Temple.
From First Adam to Last
III The Holy Anointing Oil
II Temple Music:
Meaning and Influence
I Melchizedek in Scripture,
Tradition and Liturgy
  Symposium I: Melchizedek in Scripture, Tradition and Liturgy

The first Temple Studies Group Symposium was on 8 November 2008, at St Stephen's House, Oxford.


Dr Margaret Barker   Who was Melchizedek and who was his God? (pdf 115 KB).
Dr Crispin Fletcher Louis   Melchizedek at Qumran  (pdf 76KB).
Professor Robert Hayward  

Melchizedek as priest of the Jerusalem Temple in Talmud, Midrash and Targum (pdf 87KB).

Dr Laurence Hemming


Melchisedek in the Liturgy of the Western Church (pdf 16KB).







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