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X The Temple and Heavenly Ascents
IX The Presence of the LORD
in the Temple
VIII Temple Textiles:
Veils and Vestments
VII Mary and the Temple
VI The Temple in the
Johannine Writings
V The Temple Hidden
in the Bible
IV The Paradisiac Temple.
From First Adam to Last
III The Holy Anointing Oil
II Temple Music:
Meaning and Influence
I Melchizedek in Scripture,
Tradition and Liturgy
  Symposium IX: The Presence of the LORD in the Temple

Symposium IX was held on Saturday 13 June 2015, 10am-4pm,  in St Magnus the Martyr,  near London Bridge.

Dr Margaret Barker, Temple Studies Group.   Seeing the Face of the Lord.

Prof. John Welch, Brigham Young University

  Experiencing the Presence of the Lord: the Program of Leviticus. 

Prof. Robert Hayward, Durham

  Garments of Light: Some Observations on Priestly Vestments from Rabbinic Sources.
Prof. Paul Bradshaw, Notre Dame, Indiana   The Eucharistic Epiclesis and its Roots.



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