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 Temple Studies Group
X The Temple and Heavenly Ascents
IX The Presence of the LORD
in the Temple
VIII Temple Textiles:
Veils and Vestments
VII Mary and the Temple
VI The Temple in the
Johannine Writings
V The Temple Hidden
in the Bible
IV The Paradisiac Temple.
From First Adam to Last
III The Holy Anointing Oil
II Temple Music:
Meaning and Influence
I Melchizedek in Scripture,
Tradition and Liturgy
  Symposium VI: The Temple in the Johannine Writings

Symposium VIII was held on Saturday 16 June 2012 in the Temple Church, 10am-4pm


Prof Robert Hayward [Durham]   The Temple and the Word. Light on St John’s Gospel from the Aramaic Targumim.
Dr Dominic Rubin [Moscow]   Russian Orthodox Cosmists on the Jewish Temple, the Divine Liturgy and the Johannine Writings. (pdf 343KB)

The Rev. Robin Griffith Jones,
Master of the Temple

  ‘One at the head and one at the feet’ (John 20.12). John’s Easter Audience attains the Edenic Holy of Holies.
John Welch   John Welch spoke about his book The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple. Presentation notes (pdf 334KB)
Dr Margaret Barker, Temple Studies Group   First Temple Imagery in St John’s Gospel. Who were ‘the Jews?’ (pdf 57KB)







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